Fritilldea, is a summation of the phrase, "FRIends TILL DEAth" which is basically how he feels about the friendships he’s cultivated through his art. Fritilldea holds true to the love of making friends and most likely having those friendships till the end of his life. Fritilldea’s first foray into drawing was his childhood, growing up in the 80s where video games and cartoons on TV were the main source of his creativity; he still draws his inspiration from watching cartoons up to this day. In the 90s, he fell in love with graphic novels and comics; Fritilldea is largely connected and inspired by his surroundings.

Fritilldea dived into street art and used to stencil drawings around KL city under the moniker "Box Head" in his twenties. He then began to grow a love for murals ‘because I could obtain certain strokes and have more details into my work at a larger scale with the help of brushes and acrylics.’ Most of my works tend to be black and white, its largely due to the fact that I feel like it has more depth and its a lot more neater as opposed to colored works.

Fritilldea’s biggest achievement to date was his mural at the National Art Gallery; ‘I received great feedback, I felt my art really had an effect on people’